Student Leadership

At Edgecumbe College we ecourage students to lead from the front.

Student Trustee on the Board of Trustees

During Term 3 of each year an election is held to appoint a student representative to the Board of Trustees. This role provides an essential link between the Board of Trustees and the student body. It provide a forum for the student voice to be heard at the highest level of
management of the school.


Every student who enters Edgecumbe College has the opportunity to develop and display leadership ability. Being appointed to the position of Prefect recognises not only the student’s performance as a role model for others but also the esteem in which they are held by the staff and their peers. Prefects are expected to contribute to the smooth running
of the school by being a positive example to other students and taking on responsibility for various functions under the direction of the Senior Leadership Team.

Junior Council

As the recipients of an education, students are in an ideal position to contribute to the effectiveness of the school. The Junior Council Year 10-12 students provide an opportunity for student issues and ideas to be discussed and for students to contribute to decision making and to take a leadership position in the college.

Peer Support

Year 13 students attend a Leadership Camp during the last few days of the summer holiday. Those who elect to become Peer Support Leaders are assigned to a group of Year 9 students for term one of the school year.

The aim of Peer Support is to provide a programme that introduces Year 9 students to the College and gives our new students confidence and support.

Community Involvement

Parents and caregivers are warmly encouraged to become active contributors to the smooth running of Edgecumbe College; it is, after all, the Rangitaiki Plains community’s College.

This can be done in a variety of ways: becoming an adult student, voluntary work, attending open days, coaching or managing a sports team, offering oneself for election to our Board of Trustees or becoming a member of our Parent Forum. Help us be the school you want for your child.

Please contact the school Principal’s PA if you are willing to donate your time and effort to support the school in any way.

Adult Students

Adult students are accepted and welcomed by teachers and students at Edgecumbe College. Adults wanting to return to school are encouraged to join classes during the school day. Full and part-time courses lead to National Qualifications. Adult students are excellent examples to younger students of the true meaning of being a lifelong learner and are demonstrating the value of a sound education. Advice and guidance is available to assist students to make the right choices.