Job Vacancies



Edgecumbe College seeks a Lifeguard for our school Pool so, that we can open this facility up to the community.  We aim to have the Pool up and running by the start of November IF, we can find a suitable candidate to fill this position. The ideal candidate must …

  • be a current, certified Lifeguard
  • have a current first aid certificate
  • have an excellent level of concentration and observation skills
  • Able to act immediately and appropriately to secure the safety of users in the event of an emergency.  Provide emergency care and treatment as required until emergency services arrive
  • Have a friendly, outgoing personality

Please contact us to enquire.



If you are a registered teacher, who is looking for work, without the workload, consider coming on board as a day reliever. Please email interests to

NB: It is a standard requirement set by the Edgecumbe College Board of Trustees, that a casual contract is signed by all relievers before we can utilise them in our school.