Gateway Programme

Gateway supports senior secondary students to undertake structured workplace learning across a range of industries and businesses in our local area, while continuing to study at school.

Kia ora koutou, my name is Nancy Anderson and I am the Gateway Co-ordinator.  Gateway is available to state and integrated secondary schools, and supports senior secondary students (Year 11 to Year 13+) to undertake structured workplace learning across a range of industries and businesses in our local area, while continuing to study at school.

Gateway delivery involves arranging structured workplace learning with the following characteristics:

  • a formalised learning arrangement set in the workplace
  • clear understandings about the knowledge and skills to be attained by learners
  • clear understandings about the assessment method used (workplace learning)

There is no cost to learners. If you as the parent transport your child to work-based learning to support your child in the Gateway programme, we will reimburse you with some petrol vouchers, once the work requirement have been met and the completed log book returned. We can also provide work-based clothing such as steel cap boots, safety glasses, overalls and such like, however these are to be returned at the end of the placement, or the costs will be charged to parents/guardians.

In 2019 we have 30 places available for students to enter the Gateway Programme.

We have a range of employers out in the community ready to take our students and we hope to also have places set aside for some students to participate in the Red Shirts in School programme at the Warehouse or similar programmes at local supermarkets.

​If your child is interested in work-based learning, they need to come and see me to get a Gateway Referral Form and other parent consent documentation, which you as the parent/guardian must sign. I am located in the Centre for Enhanced Learning (CEL) in the main administration block. You will need to alert me to any important medical information that might impact on work-based learning. We want your child to be safe and supported in every way once with an employer as health and safety are highly important. Once this initial documentation is completed, they will be considered for work-based experience at the beginning of the academic year. Please note that Year 11 students need to be mature learners and that ALL students must recognise that they are entering an adult oriented work environment.


Your child will prepare for an interview then attend an interview with the employer. I will take them there and support them through this process. They are expected to be work-placement ready and to turn up for their interview in formal uniform with shiny hair, shiny shoes and a shiny smile. A formal contract is signed by your child, the school and the employer. Then students will be out in the real world of work with experienced mentors who can support, engage, enlighten, encourage and advise students within their industry or field.

Preparing to be in the programme is important. Students need to take responsibility and talk with their kaiaarahi and myself about their intentions to have work-based experience. A level of maturity and commitment to the contract they sign with us and the employer they go to is expected. They are also expected to be attending school and actively participating in school.

Once work placement has been agreed to, your child is expected to be attending work as their first priority on the agreed day. If you can transport your child this will be very helpful. ​Being in the Gateway Programme offers many opportunities such as the chance to do up to an additional 20 credits of work through a range of work-based related courses on offer at the school in the Gateway Block Courses being offered. The credits are not for the actual placement. Sometimes these courses are in the school holidays. Once your child enrols in these courses they are committed to attend as the school pays a considerable amount of money for your child to participate and gain extra credits. Failure to turn up at additional courses provided means that you will be asked to cover the costs.