Vision, Mission, Values

Learners Today… Leaders Tomorrow

We value and celebrate achievement across all areas


Edgecumbe College will provide quality education that meets the needs and aspirations of the students, staff, whanau and wider community.

Our Values

Personal Excellence – No. 1

To promote an environment that encourages both students and teachers to be the best that they can be.

To produce contributing members of society, taking teenagers on a pathway to become young adults by offering skills and qualifications that will prepare them for life.

/Pastoral Care

To provide a supportive, caring, respectful environment, encouraging a sense of belonging amongst staff, students and community.

Providing a safe and secure physical and emotional environment.

To encourage the practise of core values in day to day life. Caring for and maintaining our property, plant and equipment to a good standard.

Community Involvement

To provide for adult teaching and learning to meet the needs of the community and encourage involvement in the college to promote a sense of belonging.


To adhere to recognised standards and procedures in an open and transparent manner.

Bi-cultural Philosophy

It is a partnership between Maori and non-Maori embracing each other’s differences and similarities. areas